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We sell fabric by the fat 1/4, fat 1/2 or 1 yard increments. Linen and evenweave fabrics generally come in cuts of 36” X 55” and Aida generally comes in cuts of 36” X 43”. However, these measurements often shrink some in the dyeing process so it is not at all unusual for us to receive a yard of overdyed linen that measures 35” X 54” or sometimes even 34” X 54”. Allowing for the common shrinkage we see in the fabrics we receive, our standard cuts will be:
  • Linen and Evenweaves
    Fat Quarter = 17” X 27”
    Fat Half = 27” X 35”
    Full Yard = 35” X 54”
  • Aida
    Fat Quarter = 18” X 21”
    Fat Half = 21” X 36”
    Full Yard = 36” X 43”
If we receive fabric that is more full-sized (closer to the expected 36” X 55” of an undyed yard of fabric), we will always give you the larger measurement. Any variations from these standard cuts will be noted for the particular fabric. A fat quarter will often provide plenty of fabric to complete a project with some to spare.
To help you determine what size of fabric to buy, we have included the Fabric Calculator generously provided by Yarntree.
In using the calculator, we recommend you give yourself 3” fabric on each side for finishing (this is the fabric that the framer or finisher needs to work with). Also, be sure to add in any border allowance you want (this is outside your stitched design but will be visible in the finished piece).